Here's the situation, I'm upgrading my system listed on the side there, only keeping the gpu and the sound card. I had chosen the ASUS M5A990FX PRO R2.0. I will be adding another Sapphire 7770 for a crossfire setup. Upon closer inspection, I notice that the PCI slot will be blocked. The layout of the PCIe slots are x16, x4, x16, with the PCI slot right next to the x16 at the botom. I do most of my shopping at NewEgg, so I checked the other 990FX boards and found this to be the same on all the others, except for the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5, which is out of my budget, or the ASRock 990FX Extreme4, which seems overly cluttered with the old tech mixed in with the new. If I have to expand my budget on the mobo, I need to be sure it can handle my current needs and last long enough for future upgrades.