Hello All Instead of making so many posts i decided, to merge everyhing i have to say

Okay first is the motherboard, it has a CPU_FAN and W_PUMP fan and another one on there
I have it plugged into CPU_FAN at the moment, But scared to uplug it from the CPU_FAN
and place the 3 pin, into the W_PUMP, i was wondering because i use the software, and
it doesnt speed fans up on anything case fans, radiator fans none of that. So iwas wondering
Will that hurt the AIO switching from cpu fan to w pump? Sorry if i mentioned early
my old pump died, but realized the RPM was 0 and RMA'd and got another one, and
scared to try it again and if you are wondering yes power is off in fact i unplug my
power cable from the back of PSU. I try to search online for the W_PUMP.

My case is a mid case, and it sucks i cannot use the original NZXT 120 fans because the size
and now i am using 2 Thermaltake Riing 12 Luna 120mm by 15mm, and i really need to find
better cooling asap, on start up its like 100 and 112, i remember doing something crazy
when i bulid my PC i sat the another type of Thernaltake fans it was a part of the Riing dfamily
so installed them on top, and i played forza 7 and it was cool, and exited the game, and was getting
67F - 80F hopefully this punp isn't dying it came in the mail a few weeks ago as a RMA replaced item.
Does anyone know of any 120mm by 15mm high static pressure radiator fans, it's been hell finding
one that works, with greater RPM like around 2,000+ rpm my pump rpm speed is about the same .

I think this my just cover the post I really want to do somehting about the cooling issues...

Thanks in advance guys!

Specs are Below

BIOS: Version 1001 Latest As Of its Release (07.28.2017)
Case: Thermaltake Versa N21 [White]*
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional 64bit*
Memory: Corsair _model_ 32GB DDR3 [stock]
Processor: AMD-FX 8370 8core 4.0GHz [stock]
Video Card: AMD R9 Radeon 390GB 8GB GDDR5 [stock]
Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster ZX
Motherboard: ASUS 970 Aura/Gaming
Storage: Seagate 120GB V300 (SSD) [Master Drive] /Seagate SSHD (Gaming Solid State Hard Drive)
Liquid Cooler: NZXT Kraken Kraken X52 240mm /CAM Software
Power Supply Unit: Thermaltake Tough Power 1,200watt 80 plus Gold
Optical Drive: ASUS BD/RW/R/DL
Radiator Fans: Thermaltake Riing 12 Luna LED Blue (Radiator Fans)
System Fans: Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB 120mm