AMD has started shipping its 8-core and 12-core "Magny Cours" Opteron processors for sockets G34 (2P-4P+), and C32 (1P-2P). The processors mark entry of several new technologies for AMD, such as a multi-chip module (MCM) approach towards increasing the processor's resources without having to complicate chip design any further than improving on those of the Shanghai and Istanbul. The new Opteron chips further make use of third-generation HyperTransport interconnect technologies for 6.4 GT/s interconnect speeds between the processor and host, and between processors on multi-socket configurations. It also embraces the Registered DDR3 memory technology. Each processor addresses memory over up to four independent (unganged) memory channels. Technologies such as HT Assist improve inter-silicon bandwidth on the MCMs. The processors further benefit from 12 MB of L3 caches on board, and 512 KB of dedicated L2 caches per processor core.

In the company's blog, the Director of Product Marketing for Server/Workstation products, John Fruehe, writes "Production began last month and our OEM partners have been receiving production parts this month." The new processors come in G34/C32 packages (1974-pin land-grid array). There are two product lines: the 1P/2P capable (cheaper) Opteron 4000 series, and 2P to 4P capable Opteron 6000 series. There are a total of 18 SKUs AMD has planned some of these are listed as followed, with OEM prices in EUR:
AMD's 8 core and 12 core processors prices leaked:

8-core models

* 6124 HE, 1.8GHz, 65W TDP $529
* 6128 HE, 2.0GHz, 65W TDP $599
* 6128, 2.0GHz, 80W TPD, $309
* 6134, 2.3GHz, 80W TDP $599
* 6136 2.4GHz, 80W TDP, $849

12-core models

* 6164 HE, 1.7GHz, 67W TDP, $879
* 6168, 1.9GHz, 80W TDP, $849
* 6172, 2.1GHz, 80W TDP, $1,149
* 6174, 2.2GHz, 80W TDP, $1,349
* 6176 SE, 2.3GHz, 105W TDP, $1,599

Motherboards will be around 350 - 500$ :

These cpus support quad channel DDR 3.