It’s exiting for me to stand here to make a speech .I couldn’t imagine bitcoin development in China three years before .In fact ,the non –nationalization of currency has been discussed about 30 years
However ,actually ,people has struggled to the non –nationalization for many years .Maybe everybody forgets that euro is a successful attempt to non –nationalization of currency .However ,euro cant increase the price itself ,so it decrease its price .
So when I saw bitcoin , I thought about currency civilians , I was exited but haven’t told my friends because they may say you are crazy .As everybody knows ,when others say you are crazy you may think they are crazy .But when 10 person say you are crazy ,you may change your mind .oSo I hasn’t told everybody ,but tell the world .I may be the first person tell everybody that I own a large number of bitcoin in China .
So three years later ,many friends say why did you tell me at the outset ?Because at that time bitcoin has exceeded 1000dollars and I only can regret .Because your good friends don’t read your blog .Day by day until today ,I am exited and want to thanks to someone ,Mr Xu yi ji .
The commerce is not my idea but his .He is clever and gives me a title resident .Then I was scolded constantly .But I think someone want to do something ,he must be scolded .Because you must make mistakes for you are human .So I don’t care more about what people say .
I had a good time with friend who came to Beijing in advance yesterday night .And someone ,everybody is familiar to him ,is Song huan ping .I have discussed with him that if I am a person who is easy to be upset for the public ,I cant stand here today .
So about Chinese bitcoin opportunities ,we will share with everybody in 2 days .I only can say I am optimistic .Why ?We are pessimistic three years before .At that time ,without –only forum .bitcoin .org ,do you understand?We say what countries must object to bitcoin all over the world at that time .The rank 1 is …you must know .

But today ,China is likely to be a friendly country to bitcoin .Mr Zhou xiao chuan has expressed its attitude clearly .
What changes my pessimistic mind ?At the beginning of last year ,a man called snowden, you know that guy, right?He gave us a strange revelation .The most freedom country on the global may be US ,America ,while a freedom fighter called snowden appeared suddenly .He objected to the freedom country ,and he was wanted by the country .He ran away and all dictatorial governments protected him .
Amazingly ,I believe it’s the real world .The real world may be over our imagination .
But don’t too optimistic because now bitcoin is only five years old .
First,I believe that bitcoin is only an experience until now .Of course ,I hope it can put into practice .In my opinion ,bitcoin is only a currency system agreement ,like TCP/IP .So keep a clear mind is important .
Meanwhile ,the most foolish mistakes I have seem is someone say he or she knows bitcoin completely .When the price decreases ,they are a fool .So don’t have hallucination in bitcoin .
Bitcoin is an easy object .So the innovation is too difficult .Because it’s an innovation itself .
So first ,accept bitcoin .Dont advocate to the public that bitcoin is good like I hate a kind of people who mission to you everyday .So accept bitcoin yourselves is enough .
Then ,keep mining .Thought I mine ,but I hasn’t digging much bitcoin .But if you mine ,it’s the most easy way to join in bitcoin world .
Moreover ,if you see bitcoin as investment ,you may make the same conclusion with me –hug bitcoin to sleep is right . I have founded bitcoin funds last year and raised only 20million CNY ,but after half a year ,we have made the profit about 0.12billion .
Last day , I have talked with Roger Ver about the sleeping topic .But it’s boring ,so you should do something about bitcoin .But you cant win bitcoin completely .What do you do with your losing money ?buy happiness .So maybe you go sleeping ,maybe you invest bitcoin constantly .If you lose money ,you can buy your happiness .
So I have done many things ,such as .It has reached over 8 thousand trunk bitcoin.Then we have developed a search-opening trading place –Peatio .Meanwhile ,I have found bitcoinsand –the only one bitcoin bank all over the world in real sense .It has given seven –month interest to the clients and gained 2million dollars support.Then we have founded bitdragonfly to make mining machine.And also it’s still a bitfund with good job .In fact ,I have done many things last year .
But I got a big failure .For example , I have led a team to develop ASIC chips but failed finally .Why ?Chips is successful ,but its cost is too high and may loss leader .So I have lost much money .
In fact ,we have known that many things will be not successful ,but we must do .This is the individual mindset from bitcoin CEO .I just say that work is tiring ,but boring is more tiring .However ,now that boring is better than losing .So I don’t suggest people operating bitcoin .Because you may find that your bitcoin will be less and less .
Actually ,I want to share a case with everybody .Owning bitcoin is very meaningful .Because I am a controversial person for I own much bitcoin but now use it .Those who know about bitcoin shortly scold me usually .
I explain to everybody why today I have much money but my life hasn’t changed a lot .Because when I was young , I have promised myself that I must make much money and do a big business in the future .
Maybe many people have the same mind ,but I am fortunate for gaining the opportunity .But does everybody think about if you was me ,Owning much bitcoin would be dangerous .So I haven’t know money happiness only dangerous .
But my danger is value .Today if I am murdered by someone ,it’s everybody ‘s fortune .So own bitcoin enjoys risks .you should show respect for bitcoin long-term owners .
Many people hope their bitcoin quantity will increase .But I can tell you what you gain originally is the most .Because bitcoin price is higher and higher ,the gaining difficulty will be bigger and bigger .So buy more bitcoin originally is best .Of cource ,many people choose to buy a little originally and buy more later .Then they trade frequently and finally the profit is o .So I want to say ,along with bitcoin ,you should have your life .

Remaks: Due to language difference, sometimes people out of China can’t know what happened in China quickly. so we are here to make effort to change little, we will translate 3-4 bitcoin news in China to English everyday to help people out of China know what happened and what people thinks about bitcoin in China, If somewhere translate not that good, pls PM us so that we can correct it.