Avalon Hyper Array Scalable Hashing System
Bitcoin mining machine industry may develop new products within 3~6 months .That is to say ,stop innovation means death .
The pursuit to innovation is the source to development .To Avalon team ,innovation is a belief .Only with innovation ,it can exist on bitcoin mining machine industry .
Avalon team develops the first Hyper Array Scalable Hashing System .On the system ,the concept of single mining machine is gone ,and array scale appears .For example ,the module of Avalon is 40nm ,and each is 295G .According to the area ,powered ,radiator on the mineral ,clients can choose the module from 1~40 to build up a array scalable Hashing unit .And they use a terminal ,a reticle and an IP address to control .

Today ,no technology or products are perfect absolutely .The first generation has its provlems .Each its module need take up on a USB interface .
The second generation develops ADP to solve the first problems .It uses many modules to use an USB interface commonly .Each ADP has four 8p power interfaces .And it can work with two interfaces .Along with them ,it has two interact 4 pin and 2 ID jumpers .Clients can set four kinds of address on ADP through the jumpers .And with the four chips linking line ,they will be connected .And one USB interface can be connected with 4 modules .So if an USB system with 10 interfaces ,it can be connected with 40 modules .
Avalon bitcoin mining machine 40 nm single module assessment .

Its desigh is to solve some hardware problems of the second generation .Meanwhile ,it adds to some new functions .The third generation only need an 12V input to work .Compared with the last generation ,it cancels ATX24P interface and reduces the volume .Whether any single power to supply power ,it also can be used .There are four 12V interfaces on ADP ,and it can work with two .Avalon3 has mounted the main controller on the inner modules .Its main chips is Spartan6-XC6LX16 FPGA,which can be programmed .It抯 the integrated design that gives birth to Avalon3.The most important part of mining machine is DC/DC power .The controller uses ADP3208D ,which is suit for the standard of Intelsat IMVP-6.Power module is designed by solid-state capacitance .The large electric current part of PCB is added cooling stannic fin .Also ,each module has 5 units ,and it totally mounts 50 chips .
Compared with some T class mining machines ,the advantage of Avalon is obvious .If you want to furnish the mineral ,you should hire some men to move the T class mining machines .But Avalon single module weighs 3.5kg ,a woman can move it easily .Moreover ,as common T class mining machine ,one should use 1000w power ,and the price is expensive .And the supply cant be guaranteed .But the biggest input power of Avalon is about 350w .The power is not only cheap ,but also easy to get .

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source 阿瓦隆比特币矿机40纳米单模组评测_资讯动态-泡泡网