I have 4 gb crucial ddr3 laptop memory for sale, comes in two 2 gb sticks 256mx64 204 pin. works great, broken laptop, so dont need the memory, will sell it cheap... shipping may cost more to get rid of it, I paid 50$ or something for it two years ago, will let it go for like, what? $20 bucks? what ever you think is fair... I will pay shipping. ct25664bc1067 still has manufacturer warranty.

I have also a new haswell intel pentium g3220 processor, I used it for about two weeks and bought an i5... Its just sitting here in the box... help me get rid of it... $30. Ill pay shipping. Send me a private message AND reply in here for public verification, I will ship asap. still has manufacturer warranty.

These two items worked fine last I used them, the cpu comes with heat sink, box, sticker, cpu, packaging...
the memory I will gently pack into some bubble warp and put it in a box. both crucial stickers are in tact and worked well for my gateway gaming laptop. :P If you feel the price is too steep, Im willing to negotiate I just want to get it to someone whom will use it, and take care of it.

Thank you.