The motherboard should work out to be a pretty good deal. I just received an RMA from Asus but don't plan on using the board anymore. Just so you know, my main issue is with how brittle the board is by not handling installing and reinstalling CPU heatsinks. Due to my upgrade frequency and reviews, the board is just a bit too fragile for my tastes. The board looks to be a brand new replacement over a simple refurbish. It came to me complete with all accessories (SLI/Crossfire Bridges, sata cables, USB connect cable, I/O panel, manuals), a brand new box, and the serial number transferred to my old one. The only downside is the warranty will expire on December of this year. I'm looking for $175 shipped.

Crosshair V Formula-Z and Fans FS-0416151620.jpgCrosshair V Formula-Z and Fans FS-0416151621.jpgCrosshair V Formula-Z and Fans FS-0416151622.jpg

Also, I'm looking to get rid of my last batch of fans. I'm offering to sell them at $5 each plus shipping. You tell me how you want them shipped, I'll give you a price how much it is and you tell me if it's good enough. Insurance and speed will be up to you but the only shipping option I have in my town is USPS. Here's the list of what I have left.

Noctua: Redux NF-P14s, Redux NF-P14r, IndustrialPPC NF-A14 3000, IndustrialPPC NF-A14 2000, Redux NF-S12B, IndustrialPPC NF-F12 3000, IndustrialPPC NF-F12 2000, Redux NF-B9, Redux, NF-R8

Silverstone: 2x 140mm ultra-quiet PWM, 2x 120mm Ultra-quiet PWM

Crosshair V Formula-Z and Fans FS-0317151021.jpg

PM me if you're interested!