It's important you read and follow the rules, especially if you've just registered.

As the forum size increases it will become more difficult to monitor and admin as effectively, and these rules are here to keep this place as helpful and friendly as it currently is. With that said, anyone not following these rules will eventually find themselves banned.

A silent, and most important rule exists here, which is to not use net slang, no short cuts on language and please use punctuation! This forum is an English-speaking forum but English is not everyone's first language. Some use translation engines to read posts here. If you use "ur" instead of you're or your, chances are some members here will not be able to understand you. Please follow this rule, we don't want to look like little stupid net kiddies, do we?

1) Do not personally attack any member on the forum.
Heated debate is fine, but never step over the line, do not insult anyone on this board.

2) No swearing
Please blank out swear words using the * key. Swearing to vent out frustration will be ignored as long as it doesn't become a habit, but swearing at a member... see Rule #1.

3) No advertising
People signing up to advertise with links, banners or promotional posting will be banned without warning. Posting links to valuable and on topic information is of course permitted, but anyone found continously linking to only one specific website will be watched closely. Do not interpret this rule as pliable, it is not.

4) No spamming
Spamming ruins it for everyone, so spam at your own peril. If spamming appears which directly relates to degrading the quality of content on the board you will be warned to stop. If this behavior does not stop, or you decide to argue with a moderator, you will not last long.

5) Absolutely no trolling
Anyone entering the forum with the intention to cause trouble, arguments or harm is subject to immediate and permanent ban.

6) Post system specs
New comers who are looking for technical help, please post your system specs in your user CP -> edit profile. This will allow us to get right to the problem without having to ask.

7) Do not discuss anything of an illegal nature.
Pirated software, drugs, or anything else.

8) Nudity/Pornography
No nudity, or links to pornography, if in doubt ask. Sexually related content will be moved or deleted as necessary (with or without notice) by moderators.

9) No Copyrighted Material
Absolutely no posting of copyrighted material without explicit permission from the owner/author will be tolerated. This includes using image tags to link to an image on another site. This is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such.

10) Have Fun!
Life's too short to engage in childish arguments and unproductive debates. We're here because we appreciate computer-related discussion and learning, so chill out, meet some people, kick back and enjoy yourself!

If you follow these rules you'll find a very helpful and friendly bunch of people who will welcome you. If you break the rules or don't read this announcement it's your own fault!