Hello guys, i am having trouble, really wish we all had a manual out there on all things USB. so many it's a headache
had to take back HDMI to micro USB, had a micro usb A didnt work for a Canon DLSR, and i am just not a fan of returning
items, when your in my position and cannot do the things regular people due illness and usages of dangerous medicine
that permanently keeps you off anything with wheel 4s gassy and loud, could you guys help me choose which type of
USB cable the Xbox One Uses, i hear Micro USB then Micro B, so confusing. The Official cables are super expensive.
and embarrassing using the baby usb cable that comes with a XBOX ONE controller for firmware updates running it to a
female to male USB cable from amazon.com that's not even black and so embarrassing bringing my female gamer friends over
playing "local" xbox one games and other console games from past and present...

Thanks in advance all!