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Thread: [User Review] Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 10 & 30 - Acetal - Black Reservoir

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    Post [User Review] Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 10 & 30 - Acetal - Black Reservoir

    Hey there,
    today, I want to present two new reservoirs bei Alphacool to you.
    Alphacool is one of the veterans when it comes to watercooling articles,
    having being very successfull for several years.
    These new reservoirs come in the popular tube design and offer a couple
    of good and partially new features.
    The name of these reservoirs, which are currently available in two
    different lenghts: Cape Fuzion Core 10 resp. 30 for the bigger
    model. Both reservoirs have the following features:
    - Diameter: 60mm
    - Acetal ends with 5 G1/4" threads each
    - 4 additional holes in the bottom end for 5mm LEDs
    - a hole for an CCFL on the inside, sealed by O-Rings
    - black, stable mounts
    - 5 sealing caps
    The specialty of these new reservoirs are the several possibilities for
    lighting it.
    The bottom of the reservoir features four little sticks out of acrylic
    glass, offering a spot for LEDs and nice effects by reacing into the
    This way, you can also realize a multi-colored lighting. The Alphacool
    Cape Fuzion reservoirs also offer another great feature: In the inside
    of the reservoirs there is another tube, tightly sealed by an O-ring on
    both the top and the bottom. You can put a CCFL into that tube, creating
    further effects, especially when combined with the LEDs.
    You could also try to use the reservoir for two loops, as there are more
    than enough G1/4" threads in both the bottom and top. The inner tube can
    also be removed completely, if you wish to.
    But that's enough words, let the show begin:
    Fuzion Core with CCFL:

    ...and a few impressions with LEDs in several colors:

    Conclusion: I like these new Alphacool Cape Fuzion reservoirs. The
    possibilities for mounting are versatile, the diameter was increased to
    60mm so that a larger amount of fluid can be filled in. Here and there
    you can find a scratch in the acrylic glass and the mounts would be even
    better when not blocking the view of the reservoir that much, but that
    critic is on a very high level.
    The price of the new reservoir is 39 EUR for the 10cm version and 48 EUR for
    the 30cm version.
    Some users might see the similarity to the FrozenQ-reservoirs, which
    offer less features at a higher price, but have been available for quite
    some time.
    I'd also like to see versions with nickel plated tops and a version with
    a length of around 20cm to close the gap between the 10 and 30cm versions.
    When looking at these nice new reservoirs, I'm really anxious to see,
    what Alphacool will release in the future.
    Thanks: For supplying me with the test samples and further support with
    this review, I'd like to say my thanks to the following companies:
    Alphacool , Aquatuning , Aqua Computer , Noiseblocker ,
    GIGABYTE , , EVGA , , Microcool

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    Thanks Bundy those look good.

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    Nice Bundy! They look cool,

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