Hey Guys,

Today i want to show you a new reservoir from Primochill.
Itīs a Bay Reservoir and fits in 2x 5,25" Drive Bays. The Name of the Reservoir is "Myriad" and itīs available in different versions. My Version is the clear version, there are also Variants with uv reactive faceplates.
The good thing is: you can install a Laing D5 Pump (and derivates) directly at the back from this Reservoir.
Technical specifications:
Material: Plexi
Colour: Black front, transparent Plexi
Dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 68 x 80mm
Filling threads: 2xG1/4"
Connection threads: 4x G1/4"
Extent of delivery:
1x Primochill Myriad Dual Bay D5 Reservoir (not assembled)
4x silver Screw plugs
1x Funnel
24Pin ATX bridging plug
English illustrated mounting manual
Mounting material
Price: 123 $ at Aquatuning.us

As you can see at the pics, there are many single parts in the package. The Myriad is not ready to use, like similar Reservoirs from other companies. You have to build it completly by yourself, like a big puzzle ! I sometimes felt like a IKEA Customer, when installing all those little pieces to a whole Reservoir !
Well, you have to be a patient person, to bring all those parts together, because itīs a bit tricky at all !
The Reservoir comes in one big package, which includes 3 smaller packages. The manual is in english, but there is missing a part, so this fact makes it more tricky to build ! But hey, youīre a watercooling enthusiast and should love it, or not ?
You should expect an hour to bring all parts together, or maybe longer..who knows ?!

Just check the pics to see, how the build process goes on:

At the beginning, you have to put an O-Ring in the Back Part from the Myriad Reservoir but watch out, when doing this, because the screws can damage the Plastic Inlay! And yes, no worry, there will be a bunch of more O-Rings which you have to install by yourself ! I guess those Guys at Primochill over there must have a good sense of humor or whatever !

At this picture, you can see the acylic frontplate which needs to be mounted with 8 ! screws by yourself. When you think, this could be a bit dangerous, because of the plexi material, youīre absolutly right ! So watch out and tighten the screws smoothly. The funnel comes with the Res. to make the fill process a bit easier. The Alu Frontplate is fixed via 3M Tape.

Ok now, here you can see the middle part, the reservoir body itself, where the coolant is in later on. On both sides, long O-Rings must find their way in.
Please donīt ask, how often those Rings slips out during the build process !

When you finally masterered this part, the Reservoir is still not ready to use !

Finally, it follows the installation of the pump:

Since you have 4x G 1/4" Threads available, you can go for 1 or 2 Loops.

The Case Mounting Mechanism has to be installed by the customer aswell:

Using the Myriad Reservoir and Final Conclusion:
At first, i was wondering why the customer has to install all parts by himself. Itīs not a 30 $ Reservoir, nope...it costs 120 $ ! The Build process should be done by a person, which has experience in such things. It can happen that you destroy the Frontplate easily with those 8 screws, or at the very beginning, when mounting the inlay plate. Short: Itīs not user friendly !

Well, when the build process is finally done and all parts came together properly, the Reservoir looks ok and has no problem with a high Flow Setup (more than 250 liters/h.)
But let me tell you something: There are several Reservoirs, which i would recommend more than this one here, from Tecnofront or EK for example !

This Reservoir is available at Aquatuning:

Thanks to Primochill, Aquatuning, Phobya and Alphacool for their friendly support !