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Thread: Advice for cooling setup

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    Default Advice for cooling setup

    I'm running 3570K on an ASRock Z77e ITX in a Bitfenix Prodigy, probably overclocking to 4.5 for now but potentially to 5.0GHz. (other irrelevant details: EVGA GTX650, G.Skill Ares 2x8GB, twin 2TB Barracudas, 830 128GB, OS X Mountain Lion). Mainly video/audio editing and general productivity, games once in a very light blue moon.
    I'm running blind here so I'll throw some ideas out here for you to critique. PRIORITY: Silence is golden.

    I'm thinking XSPC Raystorm 750 RX240 kit (yup, apparently the radiator will fit up top if I remove the Optical bay), with 2 Cougar Vortex in a push config. (i believe the kit comes with two fans, and are spec'ed at 29dB, a bit too noisy for my liking).

    As for the case fans, I'm thinking of getting a fan controller for them, and turn down the fans when I'm just web surfing etc.. I know absolutely nothing about this fan controller business save that it will not work with PWM fans (true?) but it sounds way cool.
    Will the stock bitfenix fans work with something like the Zalman Fan Mate 2? - ZALMAN FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller

    I don't wanna spend a fortune on the fan controller. I don't see the point of controlling the fans individually so can I control all the case fans at once with just this one controller?

    Since the cougars are PWM, i can't control them. is that a bad idea? should i just have another fan controller for the rad fans too? in that case, i can probably use the fans that come with the raystorm kit and spend the money i saved on the cougars on another zalman.

    while i'm at it, maybe i can get a third zalman and put it between the water pump and the mobo power, to throttle the pump speed, making it quieter. apparently, a reviewer on that newegg link said that it allows more time for the radiator to cool the water, lowering the temps AND making it quieter.

    ideas on how I can make this cooling system even BAWser than it already is?
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