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Thread: How to choose a power supply for a liquid cooled system?

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    Default How to choose a power supply for a liquid cooled system?

    Water, water, water, everywhere and none of it you can drink! I'm trying to learn a few things about building a liquid cooled system so that when I can actually afford it, I'll know how to choose the parts. The one thing on my mind the most, is making sure there is enough power. For now, based on current parts available, I would be cooling an FX 8370, a pair of R9 285's, 16 gg's of 1866 memory on ASUS Crosshair V, and the board it self, if there are blocks made for it. I'm thinking push-pull on 2 rads, 360mm and 240mm, and a D5 pump of suitable pressure. I would be overclocking the system.

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    Default Re: How to choose a power supply for a liquid cooled system?

    There really is no magic too finding the right psu for your system. There are plenty of calculators online to figure out the minimum watts needed for any configuration. Just one of those then add more. If it says you need 500w buy a 700-750w. Need 700 buy an 850-900. Why? To account for stuff you didn't put into the calculator, future expanision and the fact that you never want to run a PSU for long periods of time at its max output. The only thing else in a cooling loop is the pump. You will already be using fans and lights. When looking for a pump it will list the power specs.
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