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Thread: Radiators, fans, performance

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    Default Radiators, fans, performance

    I've been digging around the sites for various info about the effect of fan speed (and therefore noise) on the cooling effect of radiators and have concluded that Going for a 2000 ish rpm fan setup gives me the option to slow things down when not under high load conditions. This decision seems to work with Thermochill and feser although I'm not so sure with rads with closely spaced cooling fins.

    Anyway, anyone looking for this sort of info could perhaps take a look at:

    With a little maths you will get an idea of your requirements with regard to fans to achieve target temps.
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    No argument here that Thermolchill and Fesser rads are the best performance but they are optimized to use with high rate fans such as 130cfm one. These fans rated over 3000rpm, and they are loud when it cranked up so you do need a fan controller to turn it down when you don't need it, when it not at full load.

    So when these rads is not take full advantage of the fan full speed, it's only perform a little bit better than Swiftech or HW Lab rads and they are tripple the price.

    If you keep your fans at 2000rmp it's considering high speed and don't forget if you have a triple rad which is mean there are 3 fans running at 2000rmp @ 30-40dBA x 3. It's pretty loud.
    I use 1600rpm fans and they are Scythe fluid bearing but when I crank them to full blast and they are pretty loud but not unbearable. And if you have two triple rads, there are six fans and plus case fans equal noises. I have 2 loops, 4 rads and total 12 fans (included case & PSU fans) that's a lot of fan but I always keep them under 1000rmp or they will be to loud.

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