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Thread: This is the fan plan, Sam...

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    Default This is the fan plan, Sam...

    Existing rig w/upgrade:

    E6600/stock to E8400/will OC w/ goal to @ 4.0ghz
    new Xigmatek S1283 HSF

    on Asus P5B-D w/ latest "1237" bios
    Corsair XMS2 6400c4 (4-4-4-12) 4 gig
    PC Power & Cooling 610 Silencer PS
    nVidia BFG 8800GTS (640mb)
    LianLi A16 case w/ 3 stock 120x25mm front "in", one rear "out", one low-side "out"- lines up w/ the video card...

    About to order these 3 fans and Sunbeam/LianLi fan controller:
    2 Scythe S-FLEX™ "G" 1900rpm/35dba/75cfm
    1 Noctua NF-P12......... 1300rpm/20dba/54cfm


    *What do you think of fan choices? ...any high-quality alternatives?
    *2 Scythe's for front and rear, and Noctua to replace the stock fan for the Xigmatek S1283... OR...
    *2 Scythe's for front and rear, and Noctua to replace side fan...OR...
    *Besides the 3 case fans, can I also run the Xigmatek cpu-HSF from the fan controller as well?

    Thx, folks...appreciate the expertise on these boards

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    Asus P5B-D / E8400 / Xigmatek S1283
    G Skill DDR2 1100 (2x2gb) / EVGA GTX 280
    LianLi A16 / PCP&C 610W / XP 32bit

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    Welcome...those are good fans, I use S-Flex & Kama, they are pretty quite fans. S-Flex have fluid bearing therefore they are last longer than any ball or sleeve bearing.
    My S-Flex is 1200rpm and when I crank it to max speed you actualy can hear the noises but if you keep it at 1000rpm or under then you're hardly hear it.

    So event with good quiet fans at high speed still noisey therefore the 1900rpm will pretty loud if you crank it to the max.

    I will go with option #1

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