Well now that I got my feet wet with watercooling, I think I'd like to go further, it seems to me if I can keep putting the temps down I can get even higher clockspeeds with slighter voltage increases then I am now.

What are some good pumps that would take 3/8" tubing? and also, can you use bigger tube with 3/8' ends to fit the the water blocks, etc?

Also someone talked about compressors / radiators, what are some good ones?

Right now I've tested (24 hours burned in with orthos prime, super pi mod, etc):

E6600 @3.69Ghz - 1.55v with the memory just shy of 411mhz.

Now if I decrease my memory speed and up the voltage to 1.6v, I can get well over 3.8Ghz and run it stable, but I think I'm soon going to hit the limits of the FSB... at 4x410 = 1640mhz

But I'm wondering if I should even bother going for lower temps being concerned about the FSB and memory. 3.7ghz seems to be the sweet spot on my setup as of right now.

I'm not sure if I should increase the voltage to other areas of the chipset like the ICH, etc.