While the swiftech storm is a decent block, there are design decisions made that make it frustrating to deal with. Compared to my old cheap waterblock in terms of general design, the swiftech storm is:

-Prone to leaking because its made of plastic
-It cannot take any kind of serious abuse
-If you ever get one, it may leak on you VERY SLOWLY, so slowly that you will not see a drop of water for between 30 minutes or a few hours, be wary of leaks on the storm, if in doubt test the whole block overnight away from the computer also put pressure with your hands on top where the inlets are while it is running, this is where the leaks come from, when the plastic flexes.

How do I know this? Because my Swiftech storm dripped a few tiny little droplets of water onto my ASUS GF8800 and killed it so I had to send it away and RMA the card, it left tiny water marks where the water landed and caused the sparks. I'm very lucky since the leakage was SO SLOW and because I had so many fans running, you couldn't notice it. It took many weaks before it fried my card, hence I didn't notice it while I left the system on 24/7 while I was out.

Note if you doubt just witness below: