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Thread: I need to know how to go about clocking my kit

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    Default I need to know how to go about clocking my kit

    recently installed new processor, see specs. Nothing worked and it ended up to be down to the ai clock twister. If set to auto. memtest could not identify my ram, and buckets of errors. when set to Moderate then everything suddenly worked. I had been messing about all day, downloading testing software,
    trying to work out what was wrong.

    After changing this setting and manually setting the cas and memory speed to 1066 memtest usb identified my ram ok, before that ram and processor cache ram had buckets of errors.

    processor set to performance mode x 10 no problems but can go no higher, all speedstep virtual ??? on

    ? what is the remap memory and memory hole for ?

    what happens when you increase voltage to fsb, is it safe ?

    With my old processor everything was set to auto and I had no problems. Also my board came with a V utility to overclock mem processor fsb, on my old processor I could set FSB to 362 with no problems, if I set anything above 348 it crashes after a while. I have upped processor voltage to 2.45 with no problem and memory to 2.3. Is it safe to go any higher ?, can I mess about with the cas settings ? or try a higher frequency with the memory say 1200, im new to overclocking. I do use msi Afterburner with the gtx 480 and have found stable settings. but Im not sure exactly what im doing.

    I think I should be able to overclock my memory as I have dedicated memory cooling, and have read that I could up the processor voltage above 2.45 with out problems,, I have wopping great artic 7, which is great and easy to install. So should I try upping voltage to > 2.45.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    with the settings I have made, I can run bad company 2 with all settings on max screen res 1920 x 1280
    also call of duty black opps, all on max max resolution. also d2 audio on virtual dolby 7 48khz

    on bad company 2 theres so much dust smoke, particle effects im sure it makes playing the game harder, I have 8 x supersampling and all settings to quality on my oc asus gtx480, using msi afterburner, but i have fan speed set to 90% when playing games.

    im geting up to 700 fps on msi kore burn test utility. and stable

    Im going to try upping my ram voltage a little above 2.3 as been told without cooling it runs stable at 2.3

    so ill up .1 and check to see. im going to increase fsb voltage to 1.3 & pcie to 101 and nb v core 1.45 after doing some research. ill let you know the results.

    Ps how can you see how hot your ram and processor is running.

    I run my games with 3d vision on with the shutter classes and everything looks so cool. I got my qx9650 for only 235 inc vat and shipping so amazing price but OEM. my ram is now much cheaper now than i paid last year, even gtx480 is down in price now 580 is out and is excellent card. My system is right up there with the latest I7's and with them you sometimes have to turn off additional cores to run some games. I have yet to try homefront but after black opps all maxed I am expecting good things, I mean how much more power could games require? im amazed at the quality and smoothness Im experiencing.
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