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Thread: help with p8p67-m and i5k

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    RAM: 2x 4gb vengeance
    GPU: xfx 7770 1gb
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      • corsair carbide 500r
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      • windows7 64bit
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    Default help with p8p67-m and i5k

    hi there im all to new to this sort of thing so im just wondering if anyone can help me OC my chip to possably 5mgz im running a asus p8p67-m, i52500k, 8gb of vengeance ram i have a h100 with vengeance sp fans, a fan switch on the front of my corsair carbide 500r, with the rans that come with the h100 pushing cold air into my case all the time at the moment im looking at my asus ai and my temps are CPU 25.0- 27.0 my mobo is at 20.0-22.0, i play alot of games at the moment im trying to get the best out of my flightsimulator x and that is a cpu based so i would like to push my system as far as i can get out of it please i know here and there about PC and what not so please be kind if i dont understand what you are saying and i ask you time and time again, also why i am typing i know its in the wrong section but i do have a radeon hd 7770 from xfx, id like to try n rape the arse out of the card but at the moment its not as important

    many thanks

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      • 3x Dell 24" IPS on XFX Triple Stand 5760x1200
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      • Windows 7 Ultimate
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    Default Re: help with p8p67-m and i5k

    Hi and welcome to PureOC... OC's is fairly simple as there are a couple of ways to doing it.
    The easiest way is to make the adjustment and settings in your bios.

    Make sure to turn off all for power saving features and turbo, so C6, C1E, Turbos and Etc.
    Once you are done, you can first try to set your voltages, When I had my 2500k OC, I used 1.40 volts first to test how high I could get with that.
    You can then use the Mutiplier. ex: Stock freq should be at 100mhz FSB - x 40 will give you 4.0ghz. What I would do first is try to start at like 4.0-4.4 with 1.4 volts and run Prime95 or Linx to test for stability. If it passes push it up a little more until you BSOD, or it be comes unstable, from there you will know what your limits are with those voltages. That is the easiest way to start.

    With your cooling you shouldn't have any problem with those freq.

    Once you get more familiar with Ocing, then you can play around with other settings, but first leave everything else on auto and only play with voltages and mutiplier, this way it easy to do trial and error with the least amount if settings being changed.

    My highest with my 2500k was 4.8ghz at 1.48volts (using custom water cooling) and CPU NB settings at 1.3 volts. These were stable running prime for 8hrs. Temps were under 60c, I couldn't get my chip past 5.0ghz stable, I was able to boot, but can't do anything else.

    Hope some of that helps..

    OC your GPU is easy, esp with AMD, you can use AMD overdrive to see what the highest setting you can get it, otherwise in the past I have used a program from Sapphire called Trixx as well. But before you jump into that arena, first get your CPU OC done and stable.

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    CPU: AMD FX 8350
    RAM: 16 gig Corsair Vengence 9- 9- 9 -27 12800 1600 mhz
    GPU: Gigabyte R9 270X Windforce
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      • Corsair 600TM
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      • OCZ ZS 750 watt
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      • Sharp 32Inch lcd
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      • Windows 7 Home Premium sp1
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    Default Re: help with p8p67-m and i5k

    Welcome to PURE OC

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