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Thread: P4 Overclocking

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    Question P4 Overclocking

    Hi !

    I Overclocked my CPU (Pentium 4 630 3,01Ghz HT) to 3,61Ghz (FSB 240 x 15) but I didn't reduce my RAM frequency, (2 x 1Gb Kingston DDR400 PC3200 3/4/4/8 --> OC to 240Mhz (Because of the FS) is this Ok ? it's seems to be working well but I was wondering if it could be dangerous for my RAM.

    And another question , When my CPU is OC, when I reboot my PC, it completely shutdown and reboot after 4-5 secondes instead of just rebooting... I don't understand why, and that don't do that when my PC is not OC

    And a last question, about my Video Card's OC, I got a BFG Geforce 8600GTS normally at 675Mhz to core, 1450Mhz to shader and 1008Mhz to memory and I OC it to 745Mhz core 1600Mhz Shader and 1108Mhz to memory and it increased my performances but when I increase my memory clock to 1125Mhz, my performances decreased and I don't understand why.

    * Sorry if my english isn't really good^^ It's not my main language

    Thanks !


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    CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.67GHz
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    GPU: XFX Nvidia GeForce 8800gts 320MB
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      • Acer AL1951 19" LCD
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      • Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
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    Any overclock has the potential to be dangerous to your hardware. I recommend checking the temperature of the ram and if its to high , you should ajust the RAM frequency. I also have a set of kingston valueram drr2 533 dimm's and the happily overclock to over 600mhz without failure and i have had them for over 3 years now.

    With the rebooting thing , it also happens to me on both my ASUS mobo's , i also don't know why it does that , but it hasn't had any determental effects so far so i wont worry to much about it.

    As for you videocard , increasing the clocks on the card can let it run hotter. I think Nvidia cards have a certain threshold where the card slows itself down if it gets to hot (to prevent damage to the card) , thus if your card gets to hot , you will see a decrease in performance

    Hope this helps

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