Normally 500 CHARG / ETH, however we are issuing a 60% bonus which tapers off as contributors pile in. Even BIGGER bonus for contributors who purchase CHARG in bulk. Smart contract can be viewed here:

Hurry, the ICO ends on Dec. 31, but the 60% bonus could go away at any time!!

ETH CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x9cA99D3455f12Be8e580Dc8C1498fC7194fa6ddb

Charg Coin is an Ethereum-based platform which connects electric vehicle drivers to a network of private and commercial charge station owners. It is the "Uber" or "Airbnb" of the electric car parking spot. Charge station owners compete with one another for profit by setting whatever price per minute of charge that they want, and electric vehicle drivers retain the freedom to choose the most economical charging station in a myriad of choices between public, commercial, and private charging stations... all laid out for everyone in a simple and easy to use software suite.

It's no small secret that electric and alternative fuel vehicles are the direction in which the MASSIVE automobile market is headed. Charg just found a way to hack through all the infrastructure requirements by turning Charg Station owners into enterprising freelancers! Just as with many other Alternative Coins, Charg Coin stands to disrupt massive industries and turn the profits back towards the private / small commercial sector.

The project is propped up by an existing network of over 100,000 public and commercial charging stations scattered throughout the world. All we had to do was load them into the database and go! Securely adding charging station participants to the network was easy too, thanks to the power of the Ethereum Blockchain.

As tokens are issued, both driver and Charg Station owner have incentive to own and transact with the coin. The coin's accompanying smart contract takes care of the security details, and away we go!

Drivers of Electric Vehicles are already thirsty for places to juice up their cars. They have the public charging stations, they have the commercial charging stations, and they even have thousands of Tesla Supercharging stations to choose from. What Charg does great is in connecting the dots. In bridging the gaps through long stretches of roadway where before no charging station was economical to install. And in helping residents of rural areas to earn extra income. Urban charging stations will off course sprout up everywhere urban too, as parking while you charge - anywhere in town - is made more practical by this useful coin.

Connecting the dots will require a lot of work! An app which incorporates the pairing of map software superbly with secure and reliable transactions anywhere in the world is no small feat, but our team of dedicated programmers, developers, and our growing community are all up for the task!

Charg has an app, wallet, node, and smart plug all rolled into one which enable for electric car and Charg Station to find each other and transact. We cater especially to private property owners from residential to small commercial, but anticipate large corporations will also enjoy the use of our coin's smart software. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to check out our white paper to get an idea of who we are and what we are about!



Whitepaper and Roadmap