In case you didn't do the math in your head, 510MB/s of 4KB random writes translates to 130,000 IOPS. That's insane. The IBIS can deliver faster random writes than the RevoDrive can manage sequential writes. A fully taxed SandForce drive manages 200MB/s, the performance advantage here is huge. Again I can't stress enough how fast four of these things must be.

The OCZ IBIS is very fast as you’d expect. Technically it’s the fastest SSD we’ve ever tested, but that’s because it’s actually four SF-1200 SSDs in a single 3.5” chassis. From a cost standpoint you’re better off grabbing four SandForce drives and rolling your own RAID, but if for whatever reason you don’t want to do that then a single IBIS will get the job done. It's faster than a Colossus by a huge margin and even faster than OCZ's recently introduced RevoDrive, you just need the workload to stress it.