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Thread: In preparation for an ssd purchase....

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    Default In preparation for an ssd purchase....

    This is going to be a learning experience for me so please anyone who can explain in simple terms the things I need to consider your tips.

    Consider if you will the following process:

    Download file of average size 40KB repeat this process until there are 10,000 files then GZip them into another file of maybe 1-4Mb (this process uses a ramdisk as a workspace) which is then written back to disk. once complete this compressed file is sent back to a web address. At this time there are no need for any of the files so the space becomes available.

    A single instance of the above is described but in fact the app is running maybe 50 concurrently so The folder that contains all of the files is typically around 2.5 GB

    The potential here for expanding the operation may mean that there will be up to 10 concurrent versions of the app so at any one time the amount of disk assigned to doing this work is in the order of 25GB

    I see that there seem to be a shed load of writes to HDD that would benefit from having an ssd or two to speed up the whole process

    Conversely I see that the wear on the ssd(s) will be high which would be detrimental to the speed it(they) would run at

    Q1. How to monitor current HDD (and then later ssd) use over say a 24 hour period so that I have figures for reads and writes?

    Q2. In the opinion of you guru's will this amount of use be too much for a 128 ish sized SSD to handle without hitting the lifetime throttling of a sandforce drive?

    Q3. Would using a Marvel controller be any better?

    EDIT: Q4. Would greater overprovisioning ...say up to 50% be beneficial?
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    Default Re: In preparation for an ssd purchase....

    you could run 'fancycache' (to defer random writes) ahead of the largest sized ssd you can afford (at least a 250gb. more endurance, and then you have space for decent OP. yes, 50% would be sweet for the gc). for a system like this to run without hassle (if using the cache buffer), a ton of ecc system memory would come in handy. the most hardy non enterprise ssd i can think of atm would be the c300.

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