Support for a data-storage device that could potentially combat the government's data-collection surveillance program known as PRISM has skyrocketed online. In just two days, the developers have received more than $200,000 in donations via Kickstarter.

Plug is a small USB adapter that can store and transfer all content without the need for the Cloud or third-party services. The device, which has been in development for two years, was created by the brains at Cloud Guys Corporation, a start-up company based in Colorado.
With Plug, all storage is private, and files are not uploaded to the Cloud, the group explains. No external company is involved, and nothing is sent to a server. Communication between devices is encrypted for added security, and website developers can use Plug for storage.
The Kickstarter page explains:

Plug is a small adapter that acts like the brain of your devices. It enables you to transform your old USB drives into a special memory, common to your smartphone, tablet and computers. Install Plug, and your devices will start storing all of their content in this common memory, at Home.
After posting the project to crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the group surpassed its $69,000 goal in just 12 hours. And within 24 hours, the group garnered 1,638 pre-orders and raised $118,000 in funding. By Friday afternoon, the collection bank topped $205,000.