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Thread: Crazy SD Cards!

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    Default Crazy SD Cards!

    Just a bit of technology interest:

    Check out the read/write speeds.

    SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro UHS-II microSDXC SDSQXPJ-064G-ANCM3 B&H

    On an microSD no less. 275 MB/s Read, 100 MB/s Write.


    Now consider this. While we don't know how these read speeds are measured (random, streaming, etc), a WD Velociraptor, or Samsung Spinpoint F1, (top of class SATA HDD) can only READ at a peak of around 120MB/s and write @ 120MB/s all out, best case scenario, and a 5400 RPM Laptop drive sits around 100MB/s R/W. This card that is the size of your pinky nail, and likely weighs less than an ounce can READ at twice the best rate of a Velociraptor, and write almost as fast, likely faster, as there are no seek/head movement issues even in random writes. Amazing.

    @ $2/GB they ain't cheap, but they come in 64GB and 128GB sizes so far. If you could find a file system/os combo that would be safe (ish) from file system errors, you could run a laptop off one of these, and likely find it to be faster than one with a typical 5400RPM laptop drive. Actually, a laptop with some eMMC as boot, and a couple slots for these for data... hmmmm

    I tend to dig around in the wilds of the Internet looking at the embedded PC space, SD cards, microcontrollers, etc. Kinda tangential to our theme here on PureOC, but every now and then, I run into something like this, and I think "What if?"...

    I probably should have thrown this in the pi/micro pc thread, but hey.


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    Default Re: Crazy SD Cards!

    Have one Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro in my Motorola phone.

    Always look beyond the limits...

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