Hello guys sorry hope I'mNot being a pest here. But
I have a WD HD Elements 2GB
USB Powered only like it because
I don't have to get in a fight with
My surge protector. Here's the problem
I formatted the the drive all ready.
Which leaves me with 1.6 GB
I was sitting in here thinking
So I stormed to my current pc to aka
Old build. Also FYI the I'm using
build that's the predecessor, my own new build is the successor to my previous rig
so even though I have nearly 1GB or a bit more the files on the external
Drive some of them are Films I've purchased, and the last movie
I digitally bought was Warcraft a while back. Also I,have a bunch
Of MUGEN games I've made over the years! And have no other
Way to store it elsewhere. I really was going to
Is it possible to keep these files without
Having to re format, the drive. I'm working
On my new build. I am going to use the window
Backup software. And secretly install on its own
Hopefully its possible to do, I'm not sure if I can
Use my disability check comes on the first and third
Because I have no way to get it. Don't drive
Cause of the pain, and I blackout at times
I would be a danger to myself and others as well