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Thread: my hd is broke kinda? help plz

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    Default my hd is broke kinda? help plz

    i have a old hitachi deskstar harddrive its 7200rpm 165gb. made in 05 but doesnt work. It doesnt respond in windows linux or bios. How ever when i ran spinrite6 it did see it. I know the cables are good and jumpers are also ok. I dont care about what is on it but i would like to use it so ive been try to find a way to reformat it with no luck. i also tryed D.B.A.N. but it didnt show up. I would buy a new one but im a college student with no job.

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    Well Spinrite is designed to do what your OS cannot, so it's not surprising that it can see it but Windows can't. Unfortunately, I hate to break the bad news, but your drive is most likely toast and will not be usable.

    Sorry man.

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