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Thread: Do you want to be part of PureOverclock?

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    Default Do you want to be part of PureOverclock?

    Hello to all

    PureOverclock has come a long way since its birth and is now becoming far too much work for one person! I'm looking for a few friendly chaps who are passionate about hardware and really know there stuff to become involved with the day to day running of the site. UK peeps preffered but it's not exclusive!

    There is currently no pay involved but there could be in the future for the right person/people. I'm looking to fill the following positions:

    2x News Reporters
    Simply post up cutting edge news stories from around the web on a day to day basis. Experience of some form or an understanding of how this works on a site like this is preferred, but the most important thing is a friendly attitude and good grammar. I will stress that you will need to be over 18 and be confident that you can maintain the quality that痴 already displayed in the news section (or lack of!).

    Possible Reviewer
    I知 also toying with the idea of looking for another reviewer for the site, if you池e interested post here and then email me. You値l obviously have to have a very firm knowledge of hardware and at the very least be a long standing member of one of the major overclocking forums, it will go along way to help on the trust front. I値l only consider real assets here, you must be f***ing good at what you do! Eventually this could be a paid position (a year away at least), but for the mean time you値l be able to keep many hardware products you review, though not all. Many companies only loan products. The incentives should not be why you apply though; it should be because you love hardware and want to vent it out in articles.

    It goes without saying that if you only have a P3 rig you are not the right person, those who are considering AM2 and already know that when Conroe comes they be the first to own it are the sort of people i'm looking for. If you have a specific skill then you could specialize and review only those products, for example, if you are a motherboard guru.

    If you're interested in becoming a mod or becoming a valued member of these forums then please let me know. All you need to do is stick around long enough and offer advice to those who need it, or share your findings with us all (essentially be an all round asset to the forums) and you'll eventually get a PM about this You'll once again need to know your stuff when it comes to hardware!

    I'm looking for about 15 to 20 people who fit the bill to make this forum buzz, it'll esentially be your new home, and you'll be very special members here.

    Ok, you MUST post here first and then email me afterwards and mention your forum name, it値l stop me getting confused. Hope to see a few of you soon
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    well james i have been a computer guru in xfx untill the forum exited :mad:
    (my user name: maul_thelordofthesith ) and i was a memeber (with 650 post in half a year) in nvidia ,
    the things that i can do here is : i really like to be a reviewer but i cant , but i CAN be a hardware news reporter and tell everyone what hardware (cpu ,vga , ram ) is out , + its benchmarks

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