The 10W TDP Ivy Bridge processor has been proven, at the same time can be determined in the first quarter of 2013 release.

Intel intend to release a 10W TDP processor, has been confirmed, VR-Zone have been identified model and why TDP of these processors will be lower than 13W for Ultrabook, and tablet PCs in the first quarter of 2013. Intel to determine action version of the Y series processor released in the first quarter of 2013, but the original will only appear in Haswell Y series, why the early release during the Ivy Bridge, is unknown.
The Y series, will be released Pentium 5 processor, which includes the Pentium 2129Y, Core i3-3229Y, Core i5-3339Y, Core i5-3439Y, and Core i7-3689Y. In addition to the Pentium 2129Y GT 1 Intel HD Graphics, the remaining four are GT 2 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Series.

Clock parts from the 1.1 GHz Core i7-3689Y 1.5GHz, the U Series Core i7-3517U 1.9GHz.
The Intel In fact through the TDP (nominal) decreased to reduce the clock. The same time, with the basic clock decline Turbo Boost time clock down from the highest 3.0 GHz to 2.6GHz.
Nominal TDP down to 13W, still unable to reach the rumored 10W, is not it?
10W of the case, in fact, is cTDP DOWN.
If you want to lower TDP, then you can use SDP (Scenario Design Power) calculation, you can breath down to 7W.
Today, Ivy Bridge Y Series cTDP DOWN adjusted to 10W, 11W Haswell Y series processors released earlier situation probably will show a lower, but there is no more news.
Intel is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2013, the Y-series processors. From known Roadmap second quarter release, code-named Haswell's fourth-generation Core processor action version of the U and Y series began in the third quarter released.
Apple MacBook Air will use Y series processors, or to maintain the U series processors will be another very interesting topic.

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