Spam is bad, but sometimes it can give you a good idea! One of the posts mentioned something about television and it seemed eye catching, so I thought I'd take it into a proper discussion thread for us because hey, we all need a new show at times.

So what have you been watching that's been pretty good? It's a little late but I was pretty happy with the Stranger Things 2 season. Looking forward to Halloween again this year! I'm really liking Agents of Shield. That show might have started a bit slow, but ever since the end of season 1 I've been hooked and it might be my favorite show.

I liked Blacklist, especially because of James Spader, but season 5 has felt like it's been dragging a bit.

For cartoon fans, the Voltron, Legendary Defender series has been downright excellent. You can watch that on Netflix and if you were a fan of the Avatar the Last Airbender series, you'll probably like Voltron.

There's some of things I've watch lately. Oh, and I just got to watch Thor Ragnarok. That was surprisingly good and not nearly as hokey as the trailers suggested.