This Gun Can Turn a First Person Shooter Into a True First Person Shooter | Side Mission | GameTrailers

The "Delta Six," made by the makers of The Avenger controller, allows players of first person military shooters to control the entire game with this virtual weapon.

It not only allow players to shoot enemies on the screen, but they can also move, reload and switch weapons without having to pick up another controller. It can also mimic the experience of using a real gun with a working reload clip and a detachable sniper scope. Players can even collapse and convert the weapon's barrel and stock to mimic different types of weapons such as a sub-machine gun or an assault rifle.

The gun uses an accelerometer to control movement and aiming in the game. It can also provide a kickback to make the experience more realistic and switch to a sniper-mode by responding to real movements such as putting pressure on a switch in the stock by putting your cheek on it as you prepare to look through the scope.