The Retrode is the world’s most versatile (and fun!) USB adapter for vintage video games. Revive the good old 16-bit times on your computer/smartphone/tablet, using your original cartridges and controllers!


  • Cartridge slots for *Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and *Nintendo SNES/SFC games. Access ROM (program/data) and SRAM1 (savegames)!
  • 2×2 ports for *Sega and *SNES controllers. Combine them for multi-player fun with up to 4 people!
  • Driverless operation on any USB host, under any OS, using any emulator.
  • Easy to use, configure and update.
  • Expandable using plug-in adapters.
  • Dimensions and weight: 162mm x 80mm x 42mm, 220g (6.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.7″, 0.5lbs)