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Thread: Crytek: 'Crysis 2 On PS3/360 Forces PC Cuts'

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    Default Crytek: 'Crysis 2 On PS3/360 Forces PC Cuts'

    Crytek's Cevat Yerli reveals to NowGamer that if it doesn't scale down, it doesn't go in...

    In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli intimated that, rare though it is, on occasion elements which work on the PC version but aren't able to scale down to the consoles, simply don't go in.

    We quizzed him on how different it has been working within the limitations of the consoles versus the unlimited ceiling approach adopted toward the original Crysis on PC. "If it runs okay on PC, but not 360 and PS3 yet," said Yerli, stressing that it's a rarity, he went on "there's only like one out of a hundred times that ever happens" but concluded that when that is the case "we don't do it."

    However, he also makes it clear that the PC version scales upward considerably "there's a narrow band of core experience," he told us "which we pump through to all and then it's the engine which scales up and down based on the platform. And when I say 'up and down' it's more up on PC"

    And presumably more down on consoles. Thinking about it logically, is that really surprising? "I really wanted to make it an intense blockbuster experience on console, and then scale up on PC because the engine can". He concludes.

    How dare they give PC gamers a downgraded version :mad:

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