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Thread: Epic can*Censored* off', roars indie dev

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    Default Epic can*Censored* off', roars indie dev

    A UK indie developer has reacted furiously to Epic Games VP Mark Rein allegedly heckling him at a public debate on the future of micro-studios.

    In a panel at the Develop Conference in Brighton yesterday, Positech's Cliff Harris argued that smaller developers have the advantage of emailing customers directly - building a personal relationship to make a sale.

    However, he later claimed on his blog:

    'At this point, there was this derisive snort from this guy in the front row, who said something to the effect of 'one guy? who cares, that's a waste of time'. He then started to lecture us on how that's a silly way to do it. I'm 95% sure that all four of us on the panel [which also included Robin Lacey(Beatnik), Sean Murray(Hello Games) and Mark Morris(Introversion)] thought 'what the ****?' as well as 'who is this guy'? compounded by Robin asking him if he worked in marketing.

    'Anyway... it turned out this guy was Mark Rein from Epic, although he seemed to assume everyone within earshot knew exactly who he was, and why he must obviously be right....'
    What was Rein doing there anyway?
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