So form what i have been reading the new Intel CPU that will be coming out will be a i5 platform. can anyone explain the reason behind that, all of the blogs i have been reading have been saying that its going to be high end CPU..... I ask my self how? when the intel's newer i7-3960 is going to blow it out of the water...... maybe im just not reading something correct. but then again i have seen that AMD will have there next CPU out middle of next FY. the steamroller or something like that. i guess that Intel is not getting the push and being forced to push out tech that they can sit on untill they feel the need to let it out! AMD better step its game up for there next gen CPU.

but the Intel's extreme platform supports PCIe 3.0 (then i asked my self, that has been around for two generations?)

But as of right now all i can hope for is a boosted clock for the i7 at the beginning of 2013 and maybe a out of box (new out of this world) i7 at the middle or end of 2013......

MAYBE....... i guess for the time being ill take a crap in one hand and wish in the outer and see what one fills up faster. -My Dad-

Any one have any outer input? i was going to order a some of build now but i am going to wait till i get back form deployment next Sept.