Hi all, firstly what a great forum, i have learn't loads here and got my first build OC'ed to 4.01GHz thanks to you

I would like to start thinking about my second project build soon but as time moves on so does hardware, so i am in need of some advice / ideas.
I want to build a far superior rig to the one i have (system spec is on profile) and i am open to all your ideas.
The rig will be used for intense 3D art work via Poser Pro and 3DsMax both of which are CPU speed hungry (not GPU hungry), also photo editing via PS and lastly video / blu ray
and mild gaming (games like Crysis, COD, Tombraider etc) so graphics are important as my 28inch Hanns.G is 1080 ready and if a great game takes my fancy i want this rig to play it
on full settings with no problems, just to add i am not an online gamer, purely a single billy no mates stay at home gamer lol.
I want to OC the rig at some point above 4Ghz but not immediately, and would like to have it pretty silent but look awesome as it will be the focal point to my office.
Storage is important too as both 3D software programs have very large runtimes and are increasing on a daily basis.
My budget is £2000 absolutely not a penny more lol
Products i like and trust for good or bad are Gigabyte, Intel, Samsung, Corsair and XfX but i am open to try new ones on your recommendations.

So, any other questions can be answered if i forgot anything, but please fire away and help me decide what i need.

Thanks for reading and offering any ideas as its greatly appreciated,