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Thread: This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel

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    Default This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel

    The latest blow to Intel’s future arrived on Monday in the form of a red server motherboard touted by Gordon MacKean, the man responsible for building the hundreds of thousands of servers that power Google’s online empire. In a Google+ post, MacKean said he was “excited” to show off the red motherboard, which was built using not an Intel chip, but IBM’s Power8 processor.

    This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel | Enterprise | WIRED

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    Default Re: This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel

    Story is a bit more help like the "Iphone Killer" stories used to be. Yes the new Power 8 chip is very impressive and IBM making the move to open it up like ARM is a big move. However they are leaving out the part that Google has been experimenting with all kinds of Tech for a long time now. They also did a bunch of work with AMD and Opteron server chips, ARM chips in a massive cluster array and of course Intel ATOM cpus on a similar array like the ARM system. Facebook does the same thing. WHY you may ask? There are multiple reasons. The types of data they handle are not suited to big iron CPUS like Intel or AMD currently offer. They process highly parallel data that is better suited to GPUS and many small cores. Power Draw is a major factor. Google has its software ported on a lot of different fronts. Used to have Windows Boxes then Linux and blah blah you get the post. They started porting it over to PowerPC to test in a small trail run. It isnt like they ported everything to run on this new POwer8 cpu.

    Another reason is this. Remember these guys running the show are tech nerds just like us. They only have the billions of $ we dream of. So if they want to play with some new toys they can afford to do it. We cant! hahah

    All in all IBM can make waves in the server market but it will not happen with Power 8. The Eco system just does not exsist at this time. As they continue to grow it then it will be easier for others to port and follow. No company has the R&D budget like Google...... Well IBM does.
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