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Thread: The Elusive System Showcase

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    Default The Elusive System Showcase

    Well guys, this year has been a trying one with my PC. As some of you may know, I've had repeated problems with my Glacer 240l. I literally went through 4 of them! It wasn't until my last RMA that I found a post in the CM threads where a guy explained that the pump is literally too powerful. Because the reservoir is in a bad spot, the pressure builds up coming into pump head and while I don't understand all the technical reasons, the pump burns out. The fix is either to tone the pump down to about 25% or add a reservoir to the loop. The good news, CM gave me a working unit each time and this last time, switched my unit to a Nepton 240m which works great so far. Only time will tell for longevity.

    ASUS, on the other hand has never been this good. They have twice sent me back my broken board making me RMA again and the socket keeps breaking somehow to my high end coolers. To make matters worse, their support has been very hard to deal with and their site only works with filling out RMA or email forms about half the time. I can live with a few problems but at least give me good support to back up the issues. I feel like I'm completely done with Asus just because of how many problems I've had with Crosshair Formula-Z and their support.
    (I gave the board one last try with my new Nepton. It didn't go well!)

    But it's not all bad. It looks like I finally have my system where I wanted it to be. The Asrock Extreme9 may not have the best BIOS, but the board has been rock solid through all my cooler installs and keeps on tickin' (fingers crossed). What this means is I think I'm finally ready to start filming for a series of videos I will entitle "System Showcase." I've been looking forward to this and I hope it will be fun for everyone else too. Keep your fingers crossed for me as well because the last thing I need is a meteor hitting my computer room! (Or even just a component going bad) In the meantime, here's a teaser photo of what's to come! (BTW, the dust will be taken care of)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0520151620.jpg 
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    Default Re: The Elusive System Showcase

    Glad to see you have things going in a positive direction.

    Yeah, ASUS support....not fun. Personally, I thought the Crosshair V was a dog from the start. I tried and tried with it, but wound up always going back to my Gigabyte UD5.

    The 240M is really a nice cooler, by far the best CLC on the market in terms of noise/performance. Gives you H100i performance at ~15-20 dB quieter without any buggy software to contend with. I really wish CM would release the Silencio fans separately, I would buy six of them for my 360mm immediately to replace my Noctua PPCs. They are phenomenal fans.

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