Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving to you guys and all of your families and friends.Hard to believe it's been such a long time coming
together with this project, I've purchased everything and everything works. Thanks to your help in the past and very humble
for you all to help even though I may think I was getting on you guys nerves lol.

Below are my specs by the way nothing is overclocked, want to stay away from that, as soon as i figure out what's going on with the cooling

BIOS: Version 1001 Latest As Of its Release (07.28.2017)
: Thermaltake Versa N21 [White]*
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional 64bit*
Memory: Corsair _model_ 32GB DDR3 [stock]
Processor: AMD-FX 8370 8core 4.0GHz [stock]
Video Card: AMD R9 Radeon 390GB 8GB GDDR5 [stock]
Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster ZX
Motherboard: ASUS 970 Aura/Gaming
Storage: Seagate 120GB V300 (SSD) [Master Drive] /Seagate SSHD (Gaming Solid State Hard Drive)
Liquid Cooler: NZXT Kraken Kraken X52 240mm /CAM Software
Power Supply Unit: Thermaltake Tough Power 1,200watt 80 plus Gold
Optical Drive: ASUS BD/RW/R/DL
Radiator Fans: Thermaltake
Riing 12 Luna LED Blue (Radiator Fans)
System Fans:
Riing 12 RGB 120mm

So that pretty much covers the major stuff. I am having heating problems with my AIO Loop, i monitor via Logitech g19 keyboard with core temp
showing its jump from 80F - 120F while idle, i was wondering if the fans have anything to do with it, they're slim 120mm x 1200 x15. Hopefully, its
nothing major i RMA'd the old cooler, and got a replacement, because it died instantly. I read about the static pressure having a big effect on cooling.

Since my case is medium sized, i couldn't use the NZXT 120mm fans that came with the AIO, and cant mount them on the top neither, the top of the case
will not fit over, too big.. if this the problem guys, i just spent so much money on the build. and struggling due to disability took over my life... the radiator
fans are going at 1300rpm.. hopefully there is a solution out there that i don't know about or a special type of fan to cool better.

Sorry for being gone so long.