Hey guys, posting a short review of the Tsumbay speaker because I have a weakness for audio devices. It may not be our typical level of computer hardware, but I couldn't resist seeing what I was getting into.
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The speaker came in a pretty basic package, but there seemed to be some decent protection for it. For the budget this product is competing in, I would say Tsumbay did really good on the package.
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Pulling the speaker out of the wrapper shows us a good idea of how this speaker is manufactured. Tsumbay says the unit is water resistant. You don't want to submerge it in water, but it should handle a bit of splashing without destroying it. The rubber enclosure will go a long ways to protecting the internal parts from harsh conditions and the speaker as a whole felt pretty solid.
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The controls for the speaker are pretty straight forward. The two arrows control the volume, the handset icon gives you a bit of calling control, and you can probably figure out what the power button does. With Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the speaker is incredibly easy to pair. Simply turn it on, find it listed on your phone or other pairing device, and click on the speaker to connect. I used my Galaxy S7 and found it listed right away.
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On the side of the speaker, you have ports to plug in with an auxiliary cable and a USB charging cable.
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Of course the biggest reason for doing a speaker review is to see how it sounds. If you want a top notch music listening experience, this speaker may not be for you. Whether it's a game, a movie or a song, the Bluetooth speaker lacks severely in lower frequencies. Mid to high range tones come through well, but they do have a bit of a hollow sound to them. Also, don't expect to get any sound stage or imaging from the unit. Where I found that the speaker excelled at was in listening to vocal audio. If you work a construction or outdoor job and like to listen to talk shows, the Tsumbay Bluetooth Speaker will give you an incredibly convenient option to listen with since it does produce a good amount of volume for its size.
I've seen the price of the speaker range from $20-$25 on Amazon. While that makes it competitive, it does seem to be one of the fewer options that has Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 4.0. That makes it a pretty good deal if you just need a speaker that will get the job done in a very convenient way. As a result, I happily give the Tsumbay Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker a Great Value Award from PureOC!
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