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Thread: Having trouble with bd-rom/r/rw after cleaning and uplugging

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    Default Having trouble with bd-rom/r/rw after cleaning and uplugging

    Hi guys i has certainly been a while, i have asked this question many times, but i have been on other
    communities like these, but lost interested in asking for forum help and just try to resolve on my own.
    because, of people who tend to bash, make fun of, egotistical narcissistic behaviour+ grammar nazi showmen ship
    in the mist of "asking questions" But i do i would have posted this months ago, but my bookmarks got accidental discarded,
    i have posted a long time ago about the build i have no, crazy how time flies. But i remember how awesome you guys we're
    in helping me, and shown me parts that would work for the build i am on! Guys this is the problem i am suffering from.
    I'd decided to purchase a nice LED lighting kit from Phanteks, which we're 6 RGB fan frames, and two magnetic RGB strips.
    And this is the story of what caused this, i unplugged all of my SATA connectors from the motherboard, and got so confused
    wishing i would of labled them, certain drives we're diff letters cause of this, and anything i would click on the desktop,
    would not be found meaning it's from it's original intent, wanted to clean up all those nasty wires in my big Corsair Graphite series 780T
    i connected my SSD and Hybrid drive correctly, then my blu-ray multi task function drive,i start up my Windows 10 pro 64 custom build
    go to > This PC, only showing my storage drives, and no sign of my BD-RW drive... went to device manager and noticed the caution icon next to it
    by the way my optical drive is an ASUS BC-12B1ST b End up uninstalling/reinstalling from there but nothing works i also have the image i snipped
    from the device manager dialog box to the thread page. below i copied and paste the full info on CODE 39 from Microsoft page which is below

    Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

    did it several times, restarted, let windows check for updates and drivers
    didn't work, i go to properties and noticed the CODE 39 being present
    Then googled the code 39, and really don't want to reinstall windows 10 just because of this problem,
    also noted i use CCleaner and clean the registry, and been using it it since day one (09.18.2017)
    without any problems what so ever. I really wish i knew what was going on, friend of mine just
    gifted me which looked to be the very last of the elder scrolls online morrowind (limited edition)
    and The Elder Scrolls Anthology collection! Also! I can go into BIOS/UEFI fine, and change the
    boot device to my drive but that's not what i want, i want to use it, for playing old CD/DVD-ROM game's on
    I can restart my system with nothing in the drive, if i remember correctly doing this was with the Windows 10 disc
    and i can boot windows or for an example fix things via Windows Repair as an example. all of that works fine here
    is just a windows issue sadly, i have so much stuff connected to my mb via SATA cable.

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    Default Re: Having trouble with bd-rom/r/rw after cleaning and uplugging

    Can you try the drive on another computer to rule out a windows problem
    or go to the manufactures site and see if they have a firmware update or download for the drive and try reinstalling it.

    or try here

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