Start saving up those pennies for your next PC -- it could cost a little more.

When it comes to technology, whatever we buy today will soon be made obsolete by something faster--and in many cases, cheaper. But that's one of the great things about our work and hobby--prices continually fall, lowering the barrier to enter into better, faster stuff.
After six years of continually falling PC component prices, falling at an average of 7.8-percent per year, according to Gartner research, 2010 will see an estimated price rise of 2.8-percent. Yes, that could mean more expensive computers.
This estimated increase is all due to the rise in memory costs, figured to be 23-percent higher this year than compared to 2009, reported the Financial Times.
Those looking to buy a new monitor, all-in-one computer, or laptop may also suffer from rising LCD costs. Analysts expect a price increase of 20-percent of flat panel displays due to shortages. Hard drives and optical drives are also in short supply.
The shortages in computer components stem from the recession, where computer makers delayed or scaled back production and investment plans. Now that things are turning around, analysts predict that the market will see a lag until supply catches up with demand.