Since the introduction of Metro, developers been scrambling to port their applications over to utilize the new interface. Today Google has launched its first version of Chrome that supports the Metro interface. At first it looks like any other build of Chrome you would normally download.

It's not until we get into the Metro interface to notice some substantial changes. Here we can see the bloated icon that usually resembles a Metro based application.

Upon launching Chrome we are greeted with the well known logo of the product as usual.

Once inside, we start to see the familiar layout and design of the popular web browser. Even Windows Charms support has been integrated into the new Chrome.

Here we can see the desktop and "Metro Chrome" split desktop with Chrome options menu open.

And lastly the overall look of the Metro browser.

How do I get it? Simple, the Metro supported version of Chrome is available over at the Google Chrome developer channel. So shoot over there and grab a copy! This version of Chrome also fixes the default browser bug. So you can finally set chrome as the systems default browser within Windows 8.