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Thread: Help Needed - Wth ATI Driver Selection

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    Default Help Needed - Wth ATI Driver Selection

    Wanting to update to latest current drivers for my two 4870X2 GPU's at

    Came upon these updates - I do not understand from the posted descriptions which I should use
    for my Win7 64 bit OS & what the benefits are for them?

    Catalyst Software Suite (64 bit) English Only 75.9 MB

    AMD Catalyst Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology Edition 92.1 MB
    Apparently I don't need this one ?? per

    What is this one for??

    ATI Catalyst Application Profiles 454 KB

    Also do I need to do the hot fix as 10.10 is nolonger Beta ?? as discussed here at
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    “gives any application access to the Graphics Processing Unit for non-graphical computing” means it’s basically the ATI/AMD version of NVidia’s CUDA which allows the GPU’s processing power to be used for other stuff than graphics, eg. for physics calculations (through PhysX in that case). That can lessen the load on the computer’s CPU

    It looks like to me that the APP has all the same stuff as the 10.10 Catalyst but with other stuff. I would suggest use DriverSweeper to wipe all old display drivers first and then install the APP. If that causes problems then repeat and try the other one... Im going to do that now asap.. Good Luck Mate to us both

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