It seems that we finally learned the release date of NVIDIA’s mid-range graphics card. According to the sources GeForce GTX 660 Ti is to be released on third week of August, that is between August 13th and 19th.

Probably the most anticipated model from Kepler based GeForce 600 series will be launched on August 16th (or 14th). So far almost all high-end models were released on Thursdays, so this leaves August 16th as a possible date. This also proves all the rumors that were floating around the web about NVIDIA clearing the stocks with GTX 570, which is getting cheaper as we speak. AMD has also announced that starting from today, all the Radeon HD 7000 models are now available for lower prices as well. On the top of that, one thing is quite obvious, if NVIDIA would move the release date any further, there won’t be many customers waiting for this card anymore.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti To Be Released On August 16th |