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Thread: Looking for recommendations for new GPU

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    Default Looking for recommendations for new GPU

    I would like to get some opinions as to what is a decent video card for basically basic display purposes on a 2 monitor setup. I'm not a gamer so I really don't need anything special since virtually any video card would probably suit my purposes (all business related display purposes) However I just built a new rig based on the i7-4770K CPU and even though the GPU from my old rig was absolutely fine for all my needs it just seems SOOOO wrong to have an old GPU in my new rig since it is AWESOME. So anyway I'm looking for the experience of the GPU Gurus that I KNOW are on this site. Even though I know that there are some awesome GPUs out there these days it would be SUCH overkill to put one of them in my system. I was thinking something in the $150 price range would be more than sufficient any suggestions will be thoroughly researched since I really do enjoy checking out new hardware. I was just looking for a good starting point. Thanks from Canada.

    Oh yeah it does have to be able to support 2 monitors with resolutions of greater than 1920x1080

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    Default Re: Looking for recommendations for new GPU

    You're going to have trouble finding a GPU in that price range that can handle a multi-monitor setup. What games do you play the most? This would probably help. Anything in the last year or so is going to be pretty tasking on multi-monitor resolutions.

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