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Thread: which GPU??

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    Default which GPU??

    Hey all!

    can not decide which graphics card I should go for and hope you can help me choose.

    my current set up is AMD A8 6600k Richland APU with a AsRock FM2A88M Extreme 4+ motherboard + the usual. (will be upgrading PSU and RAM as well and maybe before the GPU) also I will most likely end up upgrading my processor to the new Kaveri 7850K later in the year.

    so should I look at getting a R7 Series to crossfire with the APU?? (Kaveri APU of course)

    or should I look at getting a R9 series??

    I have heard if I wanted to play BF4 on ultra I need at least a 4GB GPU, but what would a 2GB or 3GB GPU be like? I play loads of games (CoD, DaoC, Swtor Etc) and not being able to play maybe 1 game on ultra settings would not be the end of the world

    I take it I should b looking at GDDR5 GPU's???

    money will play sum part as it will take me longer to get a R9 290 GPU then most other cards.

    and 1 last thing, was I originally planned on overclocking the GPU once I put together my final gaming rig, will it need to be water cooled or not (depending on how much I OC)

    so say would a R7 260 2GB GDDR5 crossfire with the APU be better then a R9 270 4GB GDDR5 or a R9 280 3GB GDDR5 or a R9 290 4GB GDDR5 (keeping in mind I can only find water cooling block for the R9 280 & 290's if I did need to water cool it due to OC

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: which GPU??

    From what I know of the pairing of APU and GPU has not reaped great rewards. Some feel AMD dropped the ball on the graphics pairing for Richland and now Kaveri.

    With that said I would get a R9-270x. It is above the cheap entry range but not high powered like the 280x and 290s. The 270x alone will outperform the APU/GPu pairing you thought of doing. The best part is you can add another 270x in the future if you need more GPU power. A pair of 270x can perform on pair with a 290x. See here CLICK ME

    The prices for the 270x fluctuates wildly so keep an eye on and pounce when the price drops again. Sometimes you can catch a ref model for $199-209. Other times it will be as high as $280!
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