With the recent release of nVidia's newest 700 series cards, the key word has been "Maxwell." Not a whole lot can be said for it's performance scaling as it increases in core count, but what can be observed at present is it's increased capacity for increased GPGPU throughput. Tom's Hardware recently took a look at the 750Ti in several flavors, including reference. Though the typical gauntlet of tests were thrown at these cards, one was especially intriguing: cryptography performance.

As it turns out, when used under CUDAminer, these cards show a great deal of promise in terms of profitable throughput. With these cards coming in at around 150 dollars MSRP (+/- a few percent for different variants) and sipping current through the smallest straw, their profitability stands to be pretty high. Of course they haven't truly been put to the test just yet, but things look to be very promising for balancing the scales with mining; possibly even to the point of nVidia GPU solutions being MORE profitable for mining than Radeon cards. For more on this story, visit the link below:

GeForce GTX 750 Ti: Bitcoin And Litecoin Mining - Tom's Hardware