Help i dont know what is causing this.

So till today was everything working fine. Boost in 3d was 2000mhz in core clock. Today i run some game i saw that clock is very very below normal values. So like i said. I didn't install any software IE: MSI afterburner, precision or anything like that. I am using only GPUZ and FRAPS . I dont change anything in Windows and bios. Even dont change power managament in windows because its balanced. All default like always. This issue appear from itself. I am still using 368.692. 2 weeks card boosting fine to 1990-2000mhz. But just today i sit and no matter what game or benchmark i run i saw low fps, then of course i check gpu core clock. And now i have 1278mhz no matter what.


PC: 6700K no OC

2x8GB Kingston Hyperx

Corsair 750 RM

Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme

SSD Crucial Bx 100 256 GB

Asus Z170-P

Windows 10

Is my hardware part failing?

And yes i am sure. I dont change anything in Windows settings, no mess in Bios. All default like always. All was fine,until today when i run 3d applications.