ok im a big CSS gammer and well all css gammers out there would know what bad vid card + CSS gammer = the worst gamplay ever, so umm.. iv tryed everything to fix lagg i only get 20-40 fps walking arround ( btw my comp specs are CPU:1.78ghz,RAM:512,VIDCARD:well you shude know by know, and ya i know its not a good comp but pplz dont go "zomg y0u4 c0mpz s0xorz") and when im in a close couters battle i only get 7-15 fps, and its not only CSS is every game i play, i dont know if its my video driver or somthing else, oh and well iv even overcloced but when i do well i get thee pixles in the map/level that are purple or green and that just stick out like mad, frankly im about to rip this video card out of my comp and thow it out my window, even worse, i get owned cuz of the lagg, i dont know why its happening, mabe its my comp, mabe its my video card, but i do know one thing, i like cheese( oh and btw if u didnt notice im new )